I’m Karen Collins

My Vision for Naturally Useful is to produce useful and beautiful products that will enliven folks’ homes and be pleasing to the soul.

I feel it’s so important to keep these traditional craft skills alive. Especially as they have the extra factor of bringing people closer to nature by using the materials that grow a stone’s throw from folk’s back doors. I would very much like others from all walks of life, to experience what I do when I make; tranquillity and peace of body, mind and spirit, and to feel the confidence and empowerment of producing a beautiful useful product that can be used and admired. Read my full biography here.

Why I Make

It amazes me that something so straightforward; the simple process of making with natural materials can be so profoundly transformative.

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My Patch

Naturally Useful is based at the Pole Barn, Marcassie Farm is a family owned organic small holding nestled in the fertile plains of the Laich of Moray in north east Scotland.

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Everything we do here at Naturally Useful is built upon a set of deeply-held principles: respect for the earth, for our materials, for the traditions we draw upon and for our fellow people.

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