Woollen Shrouds.


An eco-friendly alternative made entirely from 100% Scottish wool. Our shrouds consist of a strong willow stretcher with integrated carrying handles, a calico wrap with bindings and an enfolding woollen shroud with handmade toddles to attach to the willow stretcher. This environmentally friendly alternative Is made entirely from locally sourced materials. At present, our wool shrouds are only for burial

shroud web

Construction of shroud coffin.

Inner liner:

The body is wrapped first in a calico sheet with a waterproof biodegradable liner inside, supplied with 3 bindings, one around the chest, body and ankles. Enfolding the body and secured to the frame with wooden toggles, there is a woollen shroud.

Willow base:

A sturdy willow stretcher with strong, integrated carrying handles. Materials: are all ethically sourced, Willow from our own bed and wool from the farmers next door.

shroud outsde.


Make your own Shroud.

Naturally Useful welcomes and supports anyone to come and make their own shroud. The barn is a quiet and interesting place to work, with lots of natural,  funky and unusual objects around.  You will be supported by Alice and myself during the making process.

This includes:

Working with raw fleece, carding, layering the fibres, making a design of your choice, and then pouring lots of hot soapy water to felt the shroud together.

The making of the shroud will take 2/3 days and a day for the woven body tray

Please ring or email to make a date.