What news!!

Well!! Another exciting month here at NU HQ and some very significant news to share with you all. We are very pleased to have recently had an offer accepted on our very own piece of land!! Not only is it perfect for growing willow but its also right on our doorstep and we couldn’t be happier.


Together with our shareholders and (hopefully) some willing volunteers we will start work in the coming months preparing the ground to plant our first crops, before you know it the field will be a rainbow colored visual delight, swaying in the breeze…we can’t wait!!


As if that wasn’t distraction enough we also took part in North East Open Studios this month which brought lots of new visitors our way, it was lovely to have such a buzz around the barn and we look forward to taking part again next year.


More info here….  http://www.northeastopenstudios.co.uk/


Don’t forget we have an open studio every Thursday so It’s never too late to pop in and say hello.