Our Own Willow.

Our own willow and coppice
We were delighted to tell you back in September that our offer on a 4 acre field here at
Marcassie Farm had been accepted.
Since then much work has been undertaken. The first job was to fence against deer and rabbit,
we included 3 badger gates as these fellows had existing runs in and out of the field. The field
entrance area needed excavating and rock infill.
The area planned for the willow and other coppice was then cultivated and rolled.
The Mypex membrane was pegged down in early February and by the 20th of we were ready
to plant the willow rods. Over the next 3 weeks, as and when we could, we planted 10,000 rods
of 18 varieties.
The willow is looking good, leafing up nicely, some are even flowering!
In addition to the willow, 200 trees for future coppicing have been planted plus another 100 as a
windbreak and screen, more will be planted next year..
We would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all who kindly gave their time to assist: Cris Leutas
and the custard doughnuts, Francis ??, Ray ??, Sarah ??, who have i missed out? Wild Things
and the Moray Health and Wellbeing team. Thank you, it was good to have you here.
We shall post more pics through the season