you could make your own casket or shroud.

Jude made her own casket and a shroud
 Knowing that I had reached the “ripe old age of 70” and possibly nearer than ever to “lift-off”, I visited Karen at work in her lovely barn workshop at Marcassie, Rafford and we talked over what was available for the most simple yet beautiful nature-friendly mode of burial. Our conversation ended up with my wanting to learn from her how to make my own casket and wrapping (shroud) (such was the confidence she instilled in me) and I felt that this would be not only possible but an enjoyable and marvellously creative way to care for my “final journey”.
Karen made the learning fun and exciting.  The casket-making successfully finished, we felted the blanket, rolling the sheep’s wool with two pairs of hands on a big table out in the sun; I would never have felt this part possible to do alone and certainly, it would not have been the quick and enjoyable process it had seemed to me to be.  Karen inspired me with new ideas and showed me how best to place and needle-felt the shapes onto the felted blanket.  I loved the whole process and am so proud of having what seems now to be a wall-hanging in my sitting room (a secret until it’s final glory!)
Thank you Karen and long may Naturally Useful thrive and prosper.